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The mission of Ross Road School, serving culturally diversified communities, is to develop responsible, independent, and motivated learners who respect individual difference and who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure personal growth: through a partnership with an informed, involved and supportive community.
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Have a wonderful summer from all of us at Ross Road!
First day back: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
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We are a peanut
free and scent
aware school. 
Please keep
ALL our kids safe.



Friendly Reminders and Notices

School E-mail Correspondence
Please click on the following link if you're interested in e-mail correspondence

Safe Arrival Reminder
For Elementary Parents
, if you know your child will be absent or late to school, please call 462-8346 and leave your childís name, teachers name and reason for their absence/lateness.  If you do not call in, a volunteer will be calling you to confirm where your child is. Junior High Parents are asked to call the main office to report any absences from school (462-8340).

After School Plans

If your child has a change in after school plans they must bring a note from home.  (After school plans should be made the night before). 

Parents and guardians are reminded to not come into the lower paved area of the school grounds during bus arrivals and departures.  Please - drop your child off in the upper parking turn lane to ensure they arrive safely.

Storm Cancellations

For Elementary Students: For your childís safety please remember to send in the School Cancellation Form that was sent home earlier this year. The school will call every childís home or contact number before we dismiss them. If we canít get in touch with anyone we will keep the child here at the school. This isnít what most people want as we want the children to be off the roads, to go home or go to the caregiverís where it is safe. Please be reminded that the school closes once the children are sent home and all students remaining must be picked up as soon as possible and in extreme cases no later than 2:30 on storm days.
For Junior High Students: unless otherwise notified we will assume your child will go home on the bus as usual. Please see the Storm Cancellation link below for the HRSB policy for more information.


School Advisory Council
For Information about Ross Road's School Advisory Council please click on the following link: SAC

Links for Students and Parents Considering the Grade 6 Late French Immersion Program

www.cpf.ca (Canadian Parents for French)
ēhttp://hrsbstaff.ednet.ns.ca/bgromick/  (To enroll or not to enroll . . . that is the question)www.caslt.org (Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers)

Cafeteria Menu 
Please click on the following link for the cafeteria lunch menu. 
This menu will follow a 4 week rotation.

Stock Transportation Bus Routes
For information on bus routes please click on the following link.

A reminder to students that the dress code must be followed at school.

The following applies to both junior high and elementary students:

  • Any type of clothing with offensive words, slogans and/or pictures is considered inappropriate as well as any type of clothing that promotes any form of illegal activity.
  • Muscle shirts, racer back tank top and ribbed tank tops are considered inappropriate.
  • A tank top is considered appropriate as long as the straps are four fingers wide and bra straps are not visible.
  • All tops are expected to be below the waist; both front and back.
  • Shorts and skirts must be knee length; with or without tights/leggings.

School Volunteers
HRSB has a new policy regarding volunteers in our school.  If you believe you might volunteer (classroom support or field trips, etc.) at any time throughout the school year you must have a child abuse register and a police check done. Please fill out the Child abuse form (link below) and send to the address listed on the form (takes approximately 4-6 weeks to process).  Police check forms are available at the local RCMP office for a fee. Once both forms are returned to you please bring into the school so we may have a copy on file.

Child Abuse Form  

Contact Information

Ross Road Elementary and Junior High School
336 Ross Road
Westphal, Nova Scotia
B2Z 1H2

Phone: (902) 462-8340 or (902) 462-8341
Fax: (902) 462-8398